Hey ! I'm Loïc,

a passionate UX/UI designer focused on beautiful mobile apps, interfaces and websites.



This project aims to make the encounter between locals and travellers easier through sharing of activities.

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Data Visualization

Is there a link between HEAJ's students using twitter (or not) and their rate of success at school ?

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There's already a ton of apps to help tourists plan their trips out there. This one aims to offer a different kind of tourism.

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Bank Interface

Check back soon to see how we could improve today's bank interfaces.


MD Playground

Check my motion design experiments on Vimeo. Because it’s better when it moves.

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What's next ?

Freshly graduated from High School, I am currently working fulltime as a UX/UI Designer but I'm always looking for new challenges! You can get in touch with me through Twitter, LinkedIn and email or learn more about me.